Spain and Greece likely to stay OFF amber plus list while France could be removed

SPAIN and Greece are likely to stay off the amber plus list next month, despite fears they could be slapped with new measures.

The new list, which currently only includes France, requires Brits to quarantine if returning from amber destinations even if fully vaxxed.

Spain and Greece aren't expected to be on the amber plus list


Spain and Greece aren’t expected to be on the amber plus listCredit: Alamy

It was feared that Spain and Greece could be added due to the threat of the Beta variant.

Spain has been battling a rise of variants with the Beta strain making up 14.5 per cent of the Covid cases in the past month.

If Spain and Greece are added, up to six million Brits face summer holiday chaos with many already abroad or having booked trips abroad due to the new quarantine exemption rules.

However, the Department for Transport previously told the travel industry that tourists returning from Spain won’t be slapped with new restrictions imminently, with the next update in August, according to the Telegraph.

A spokesperson said: “The travel list allocations have not changed for Spain or Greece.”

The government has hinted that France’s stricter measures could be scrapped at the start of August during the next travel review, as cases of the Beta variant fall.

Environment Secretary George Eustice told LBC: “As those rates come down obviously the evidence will change and it can be reviewed and we will want to be putting countries like France back onto the amber list in the normal way.”

And insiders say a sharp rise in the Delta variant on the Continent will mean it “outcompetes” Beta in a few weeks — giving hope the “amber-plus” status, which only applies to France, will quickly be ditched.

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Travel expert Paul Charles said the system needed to be reformed, as Labour said 1.7million potential trippers to France this summer had already been left in the lurch.

He said: “Why not have a go or no-go system — so it’s either you can’t go there because it’s a red country, of which there are about 60 at the moment?

“Or you can go, but just make sure you take a test if you’re fully jabbed when you come back to the UK.”

The next travel review is expected on August 5.

The new rules introduced this month means Brits who have had both jabs can return from countries on the amber list without having to quarantine for 10 days at home.

This opens up destinations such as Spain, Greece and Portugal, all of which are welcoming Brits right now.

However, countries are reintroducing Covid restrictions due to the virus, with Greece banning music at bars and restaurants in Mykonos while Spain tourist spots are bringing back curfews and face masks outdoors.

France, Italy and Greece are also enforcing vaccine passports, meaning Brits will need to show proof of both jabs to visit restaurants, bars and tourist attractions.

Brits still need tests if heading to amber and green countries


Brits still need tests if heading to amber and green countries
Tourists in France were forced to return to the UK after it was the only country on the list


Tourists in France were forced to return to the UK after it was the only country on the listCredit: AFP
Six million Brits face summer holiday chaos if Spain and Greece slapped on ‘amber plus’ list with France


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