SpaceX launch scrubbed: Elon Musk's Starship SN11 faces FAA scrutiny after past explosions

“This is the result of FAA’s continuing oversight of SpaceX to ensure compliance with federal regulations to protect public safety, including issues arising from the SN8 launch in December 2020.

“SpaceX must provide adequate notice of its launch schedule to allow for a FAA safety inspector to travel to Boca Chica.”

Earlier in February, the FAA said SpaceX violated its launch license when it went ahead with the SN8’s test flight despite not securing a waiver to do so.

The waiver would have allowed the aerospace company to “exceed the maximum public risk allowed by federal safety regulations.”

The incident prompted the FAA to ask SpaceX for an investigation “of the incident, including a comprehensive review of the company’s safety culture, operational decision-making and process discipline.”


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