SpaceX CEO Elon Musk on UFOs: ‘Think I would know if there were aliens’

The -owned  is pioneering revolutionary plans for exploring our solar system. He has frequently-voiced ambitions to transform humanity into a multi-planetary species and intends to send the first humans to Mars as early as 2024.

While discussing the Great Filter theory – Professor Robin Hanson’s idea that insurmountable challenges prevent life from becoming widespread in the Universe – he disclosed his personal thoughts about the existence of visitors to our planet.

Speaking on the Joe Rogan Experience, Elon Musk said: “There is something called the Fermi Paradox, asking ‘where are the aliens?’

“So where are the aliens? I think it was [iconic American astronomer and planetary scientist] Carl Sagan who said: ‘There either are a lot of aliens or none. And either scenario is equally terrifying.’ [It was, in fact, author Arthur C Clarke].

“If there are a lot of aliens, then their civilisation might view us as a bug infestation, like we would fumigate a house.

“But if there were also no alien civilisations, this could mean all civilisations are destroyed before they become interstellar.

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“And I want to be clear – to the best of my knowledge, there is no evidence for alien life on Earth. There is no direct evidence for alien life.

“Someone may ask ‘so what about this alien photo sighting?’ And I respond it has to be at least as good as a 7-11 or ATM cam. Someone must have at least an iPhone 1-level camera.”

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Host Joe Rogan then pointed to one of the most recent – and arguably most convincing – UFO sighting in recent years as potential evidence of alien observers.

He asked: “Are you aware of [US Navy Reserve] Commander David Faber’s account of the tic-tac UFO off the coast of San Diego?

However, Musk admitted he was neither aware of this account and had not viewed the verified footage.

But apparently undeterred in his belief, Musk said: “I think I would know if there were aliens.”

Rogan then asked the SpaceX head: “Do you think they [the hypothetical aliens] would want us to know?

“Or do you think they would just be observing and waiting for us to blow ourselves up?

Musk responded, laughing: “I don’t know man. They sure are subtle.

“If they wanted us to know they would they could just show up and walk down Main Street and say ‘Hey I’m an alien. check me out’, you know.”

He added he thinks about the existence of aliens investigating Earth “zero” amount of the time, despite the fact he is working on interplanetary travel.

Musk said: “If they show up, I will think ‘great – there is new information’.”

However, he believes until any conclusive proof for the existence of extraterrestrial beings presents itself, he thinks pondering such questions is a “waste of time”.

US-based space agency NASA this week awarded SpaceX a contract to launch parts of its Gateway program – a vital step towards sending astronauts to the Moon for the first time in 50 years.

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And the controversial South African billionaire is also accelerating plans to manufacture up to 100 next-generation Starships annually, each capable of ferrying 100 astronauts into space.

The start of this month witnessed the second major high-altitude flight of the Starship SN9 prototype.

However, despite achieving a lift-off and controlled descent, the landing attempt resulted in an explosive fireball.

However, he setback is unlikely to deter Mr Musk, who last year made the development of Starship SpaceX’s “top priority”.



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