Sky Broadband down: outage hits UK as customers knocked offline

Sky broadband is having some issues this morning (Sky)

Sky’s broadband service has gone down across the UK knocking thousands of customers offline.

The issues began at approximately 7am today, July 28 and are affecting people in various parts of the country.

However, the hardest hit areas appear to be London, Norwich and Belfast – according to the website Downdetector which measures internet dropouts.

‘Looks like it’s down for the whole of Norfolk and Suffolk at least,’ user Reece Brown posted on the site.

Katy Bishop added: ‘Sky internet and problems with the TV guide in thetford.’

A map showing the current Sky Broadband outages around the UK on the morning of July 28 (Downdetector)

Although the aforementioned cities are the hotspots, other areas of the country are also affected.

Reports suggest households in Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Glasgow and Nottingham are also affected.

Predictably, customers took to Twitter to question Sky about what was going on.

Sky itself hasn’t yet commented on the outage.

However, if you are a customer and want to check the status in your area, you can do so on Sky’s website here.

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