Sir Keir Starmer slated for saying EU anthem is classical song that most ‘sums up Labour’

SIR Keir Starmer was ripped last night after declaring the EU anthem the classical song that most “sums up Labour”.

The one-time Remainer said Beethoven’s Ode to Joy captured the “sense of destiny” he wanted for his party.

Sir Keir Starmer has said Ode to Joy is the classical song that most sums up Labour


Sir Keir Starmer has said Ode to Joy is the classical song that most sums up LabourCredit: Getty

He told Classic FM: “You’ve got the orchestra, you’ve got the voices, you’ve got this big combination. This is very sort of Labour.”

The symphony’s association with Brussels was seized upon by Tory MPs adamant Sir Keir would tie us closer to the EU.

After advocating for a second referendum under Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader has since u-turned to rule out rejoining the bloc and says he wants to get a better Brexit deal.

Asked which classical song most summed up Labour, he said: “One of the pieces I’ve got is Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, the choral Ode to Joy.”

He added: “There are many others that I could associate with the Labour Party, but that sense of moving forward to a better place is incredibly powerful.”

A source close to Sir Keir said: “It is well documented Keir Starmer has always listened to a lot of Beethoven – his choice has nothing to do with his opinions on the EU.”

The Council of Europe adopted the Ode to Joy as its anthem in 1972, and it was later carried through by EU leaders in 1985.

Brussels says the tune “expresses the European ideals of freedom, peace and solidarity”.

Sir Keir also said the piece has personal significance as it was played at the fall of the Berlin Wall when he was fresh out of university and “had my whole life ahead of me”.

Tory chairman Richard Holden said: “Never mind Ode to Joy, this is another of Sir Keir’s embarrassing Odes to the EU.

“As if we needed any more proof that he is ready to jump back into bed with Brussels at the first opportunity.”


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