Sir Keir Starmer positions Labour as party of patriotism on Armistice Day by hammering PM over money for veterans


ir Keir Starmer tried to position Labour as the party of patriotism on Armistice Day by hammering the Government over money for veterans.  

The Labour Party leader said Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s £6 million package for armed forces charities was “insufficient” during Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday.

He contrasted the figure with new research that reportedly reveals £130 million in Government spending on PR companies this year.

Sir Keir told the Commons: “The Chancellor’s package for forces charities was just £6 million during this pandemic and that’s just not sufficient.  

“Can I ask the Prime Minister to reconsider that support on their behalf?

“Because, at the same time, we’ve all seen this weekend that the Government can find £670,000 for PR consultants. That’s the tip of the iceberg.

“New research today shows that the Government has spent at least £130 million of taxpayers’ money on PR companies and that’s this year alone.

“Does the Prime Minister think that that’s a reasonable use of taxpayers’ money?”

His comments will please Labour MPs, who feel the party was not strong enough on patriotism or the armed forces under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. 

The Prime Minister defended the Government’s PR spending, telling Sir Keir to “take it back”.

He added: “I think he’s referring to the vaccines taskforce and after days in which the Labour party has attacked the vaccines taskforce I think it might be in order for him to pay tribute to them for securing 40 million doses.



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