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Space exploration has become one of the top goals in today’s day and age. Many scientists want to learn what lies outside of the Earth and how it can help human civilization. Due to this reason, many new Aerospace companies are immerging and trying to capitalise on the space exploration business. A new company called Sierra Nevada Corporation is making strides in this business and many people want to know what is Sierra Nevada Corporation.

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What is Sierra Nevada Corporation?

Sierra Nevada Corporation is an American, privately held aviation and public security worker for hire gaining practical experience in aircraft alteration and integration, space parts and frameworks, and related innovation items for cyber protection and Health. SNC delivers tailored solutions to government and commercial customers, with applications in space exploration and satellites, aircraft integrations, navigation and guidance systems, threat detection and security, scientific research, and infrastructure protection.

The Sierra Nevada Corporation has 5,000 employees, 40 plus locations around the globe, and also has 50 plus years of experience in this field. SNC brings all this together to help to solve the world’s toughest and most complex technology challenges.

What does Sierra Nevada Corporation do?

Sierra Nevada Corporation has been in the industry for a very long time. Being such a huge company, it has spread its wings into multiple businesses and created an empire. SNC works to innovate and create new things to help increase the progression of technology in the world. It also provides solutions for various issues faced by the Government and Private Organizations Check out what does Sierra Nevada Corporation do below:

  • Integrated ISR Solutions
  • Aircraft Design Modification and Support
  • Rotary: Wing Integration and Modernization
  • Shooting Star Transport Vehicle
  • Dream Chaser Spaceplane
  • Cybersecurity
  • Navigation, Guidance & Landing
  • Satellite Solutions (Space Mission Systems)
  • Electronic Warfare Systems
  • Sensor & Mission Systems
  • Space Exploration
  • Counter UAS Systems
  • Contractor Logistics Support & Life Cycle Sustainment
  • Unmanned Systems
  • eHealth/Remote Monitoring
  • Secure Communications & Electronic Key Management Systems
  • Degraded Visual Environment Solutions
  • Rocket Engines & Propulsion
  • Environmental Systems
  • Space Technologies & Subsystems
  • Enhanced Flight Vision Systems
  • Radio & Communications Systems
  • Human Language Technologies
  • Engineering Service and Aircraft Certification / FAA
  • Organization Designated Authorization (ODA)
  • Decision Solutions & Spaces
  • Commercial Solutions for Space
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Sierra Nevada Corporation Awards

SNC has also received awards from various institutions for its work. Check out all the Awards SNC has received below:

  • Fast Company: World’s Top 10 most innovative companies in Space.
  • Inc: America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies
  • Best Managed Companies: 2020 US Best Managed Company, Aerospace & Defense
  • Popular Science: Best of Whats New featuring Dream Chaser Space Plane
  • US Air Force: Tier 1 Superior Supplier for US Air Force
  • Women Presidents’ Organization: Fastest Growing Women-Owned Company in North America

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