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Usually, Rohit Vora spends his Holi in the city of Barasana known for its manic Holi festivities. But the last Holi was different and likely, even the 2021 Holi is going to be different. Rohit was spending his time with his family at home. Fast forward to Diwali, he was doing the same, but he also captured a photo of his daughter lighting a Diya from his iPhone 12 Pro Max. It just happened that Apple CEO Tim Cook decided to wish India  “Happy Diwali” using that photo.

Vora, of course, is no spring chicken with the camera. He is a brand ambassador for the legendary camera maker Leica and he is the editor and co-founder of APF magazine which focuses on photography. Apple even selected a portrait shot he had taken from the 12 Pro Max as one of the best photos taken from an iPhone in 2020 earlier this year. And this Holi while he is spending it again with family thanks to COVID19, he recommends using the iPhone, especially if you don’t want to lug around a big DSLR.

“I think more and more pictures that you see today are being shot on phones, whether it’s any kind of phone that you have, I think, especially when you have a high-end phone like the iPhone 12 Pro Max or, or the 12 Pro, I mean, there are so many advantages that you have when you have a better system in your hand.,” Vora explains.

Vora also says that the form factor of the new iPhones helps him hold the phone better as it reduces the chances of the phone slipping out of the hand alongside their IP68 water and dust capabilities make these phones safer to use than other gadgets.

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Gursimran Basra who is a travel photographer also concurs with Vora. Unlike Vora, Basra actually managed to cover the Holi festival in Barsana, Mathura and even recently posted some mind-bending photos that he took just from the iPhone 12 Pro Max.



“In comparison to a DSLR, a phone is much smaller in size so first of all, it’s very convenient to carry the like iPhone to capture a Holi festival other than a big camera.  Apple uses stuff like deep fusion and its processing is so impressive that I think Holi was one of the most accurate and precise festivals to capture using an iPhone 12 Pro Max, ” said Basra.

Both Vora and Basra particularly gravitate towards the new ProRaw processing on the iPhone 12 Pro series which allows professionals more headroom to edit their photos.

“We have waited long enough for Apple to give us RAW. So you might as well enjoy what they’re giving you. I mean, it’s giving you so much, you know, it’s higher the resolution that you get the 12-bit file that you get now, you know, and even the dynamic ranges so much that you can, for me, I think the stock app is brilliant to do most of your reading. But if you want to use it, there are apps like Lightroom,” revealed Vora, explaining his way of using the iPhone 12 Pro.

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Basra was also of a similar opinion and he talked about the experience of using ProRAW on the iPhone 12 Pro during his Holi shoot in Barsana.

“I’ve just recently posted on Instagram was captured using ProRAW,  acknowledging the fact that Holi festivals in places like Barsana, Mathura they are so detailed so you capture the entire image right and for example later on you need to extract something precise or specific details you want so ProRAW comes handy there you know taking out those extra and minute details precise details from your photographs for example like each in an individual specific colour you can take out details from the eyes you can take out you know the cultures, the clothes these people wear, their attires so each and every single detail is very well captured using ProRAW and can be extracted like with utmost accuracy, ” said Basra, giving a deep dive into his Holi shoot from the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Vora and Basra also talked about some of the other features of the iPhone. They spoke particularly, the smart HDR processing which is now in its third generation, the night mode and the portrait mode which have been greatly improved thanks to the use of bigger sensors, a new generation ISP in the A14 Bionic processor and LiDARs on the Pro iPhones which help with low light autofocus and depth perception.

Basra captured several portraits on the streets of Barsana using the portrait mode of the iPhone.  “Portrait is one thing which when I captured from the iPhone, it sort of brought those details that expressions from their eyes from their emotions because the colour was all around their face. Then their local attires you know, for example, the Radhe Radhe sort of cloth they wrap around their shoulders in everything,” he said.

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“Deep fusion as well as the smart HDR 3, because I’m not that sort of a technical person, but yes smart HDR 3 brings out more colours the real true colours which we see from our naked eyes in bigger photographs,” he added.

“Now it’s very realistic, so you get an even with the video that you get, it’s very realistic, you didn’t have that option. Now you have that option. You can create those images without I mean, the sky looks blue, right. And the person in front, the colours are lifelike. It’s not blown away, or too dark when you’re shooting against the light as well,” said Vora.

Vora also talked about more the low-light capabilities of the iPhone, in particular the realistic night-mode which he felt was better attuned for professionals like himself who want realism in their photos. He also liked the fact that it was now available on the ultra-wide-angle lens. He also appreciated the great video capabilities as now the iPhone 12 models can shoot video natively in Dolby Vision.




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