Should the tabs opened in Safari move across from old iPhone to new iPhone after upgrading/restoring? – Mac Rumors

Recently purchased an iPhone 12 Pro, moving from an iPhone 7. Both running IOS 14. I have restored my iPhone 12 from the iPhone 7 backup (backup created on my MacBook). I just assumed that the tabs I had running on the iPhone 7 would appear open on the iPhone 12? Am I wrong in thinking this, I just had a feeling this is what I experienced when I moved from my iPhone 5 to iPhone 7…. could be completely wrong!

The only place that the websites appear is when you click the tab button and it lists all websites across my iPad/MacBook/and iPhone over iCloud. But I would have to open each one manually… which could take a while given the number…

I find it odd that it lists all my tabs (on iCloud) from my old iPhone considering I have signed out of iCloud on it. To complicate things, if I have an open tab on my iPhone 12, and I look at my tabs on my iPad or MacBook it will list two different iPhones(1) and (2)… (1) being the iPhone 7…. apologies for any confusion.

Thanks in advance for any help. Its been 4 years since my last upgrade, things feel alien and maybe they shouldn’t.



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