Should I exit from Franklin Templeton's equity schemes?

Should I exit from all the equity schemes of Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund keeping in mind the latest resignation of Peshotan Dastoor? Please give your objective opinion at the earliest. Consider this very important. This is my hard-earned money.
—Hardik Makwana

Neeraj Chauhan, Founder, The Financial Mall, based out of Delhi responds:

Franklin Templeton has been in news over last one year and not for the good reasons. The AMC is under pressure to come clean. The schemes are managed by a team of analysts along with fund managers and is not dependent on one person in a professionally run company. Hence, one needs to take calls with objectivity based on the performance and portfolio of the funds you are holding. I would suggest you watch the performance over next 1 or 2 quarters to take a final call.


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