Should gas and diesel cars be banned in greater London. Marco Spennati, Raynes Park high school – Your Local Guardian

There are over 2.6m registered cars in Greater London, with only 20,000 of the registered cars are electric. What if we ban gas and diesel cars? We will ultimately see cleaner air and less greenhouse gases in London. But is it possible?

The current government aims for the uk to be net zero by 2050 so gas and diesel cars will eventually be banned from the whole of the uk. But London has a big problem with pollution and the London assembly might ban gas and diesel cars earlier than the rest of the uk.  the London assembly will most likely issue an advanced warning for people to start ditching their old cars and go electric. But electric cars are currently more expensive than gas and diesel cars and not everyone will be able to afford them. So will people who cant afford them be forced to ditch their old cars and cant be able to buy a new electric car? Unfortunately, if the prices of electric cars do not go down, that might be the situation, so some people might be forced to use alterative transport methods.  Will there be less noise pollution in London? If all cars are electric in London, there will be much less noise pollution in London than there is now.

What about buses?

Transport for London has already Europe’s largest electric buses fleet with more buses being electric.  Traditional noisy buses are being removed and replaced with quiet electric buses.

In conclusion if all cars are electric, we will see cleaner air and less noise pollution, but it is not quite known if its possible.

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