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Shiba Inu's Year of the Dog Could Be Over in Two Days as HUH Token Launch – http://www.newsgram.com/

After the release of HUH Token’s White Paper and the buzz around the soon-to-be launching cryptocurrency, it’s no wonder that the crypto world is wondering whether or not Shiba Inu’s year of meme coin supremacy is coming to an end.

Shiba Inu rose to crypto fame in the august of 2020 and just a little over a year from that point, where Shiba Inu knocked Dogecoin off top dog spot… it appears that HUH Token could be set to take the cryptocurrency world by storm on its launch: Monday December 6th. And with it the possible end of Shiba Inu’s reign as the supreme meme coin.

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Though, you might be wondering how it is that HUH Token could do that, possibly end Shiba Inu’s year of the dog? Although it seems, that a glimpse at HUH Token’s White Paper, a listen to the shouts of the cryptocurrency fanatics and a read of this article could answer that for you.

Shiba Inu Really Passing on the Torch?

Over the past year, Shiba Inu performed remarkably well on the cryptocurrency market after using the power of the media and its influence to take Dogecoin off the top spot.

Though it seems, that with buzz around the unique cryptocurrency, HUH Token, could be prized to take Shiba Inu from that top spot and there is a plethora of reasons why.

HUH Token’s White Paper release demonstrated a detailed explanation of HUH Token’s aims, goals, technology and what lies at their golden centre- HUH Token Holders, HUH Nation and as HUH Token grows the MetHUH.

This is what could set Shiba Inu and HUH Token lightyears apart… HUH Token’s revolutionary prospects.

HUH Token

HUH Token

HUH Token intend to be a decentralised metaverse where everyone gains from whatever data they’ve generated and that means that HUH Token have discovered what the currency of influence is and that is you and HUH.

Though the two-days-till launch cryptocurrency, HUH Token, doesn’t stop there, in fact, the White Paper outlines how HUH Token could be one of, if not the only, safer cryptocurrency on the crypto market today.

This would be achieved by harnessing HUH Token’s multichain technology that uses Ethereum and Binance blockchains, yield generating contracts (Binance Smart Contract) and an always-open bug bounty.

These steps help to bring a level of safety to HUH Token holders and their growing HUH Nation as a whole… as well as autonomising HUH Token holders in the process, where it appears that individuality is supported by HUH Token.

Though it seems that Shiba Inu might still have some years in it yet, but HUH Token seem to be able to hold their own in a dog fight to the top.

The Future is Utimeme

As mentioned above HUH Token enjoy the essence of duality, because together we are stronger… for that reason HUH Token’s creators envisioned and realised the function and technology of a utimeme cryptocurrency, that has the power and influence of a meme coin but the usability of a utility coin and this where HUH Token is created.

This alone could see Shiba Inu’s year of the dog come to an end, but it’s always advised to do your own research before becoming a holder in any cryptocurrency.

This being said, there are two days left before HUH Token’s Monday December 6th launch and there might not be that much time left for you to benefit from HUH Token’s presale and receive a 35% bonus on top of $1000 deposit.

I for one can’t wait for HUH Token’s launch as it feels like something great is about to happen for the cryptocurrency world.

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