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Shiba Inu Investors Angry At DogeBonk Token As Battle Between Meme Coins Continue – CloutNews

Shiba Inu cryptocurrency has given phenomenal returns in the past few weeks. However, it seems that the investors of SHIB are now having a rough time as the memecoin is down close to 50% from it’s recent highs.

In the mean time, another meme coin by the name of DogeBonk is rising in popularity as well as price. The DOBO coin has given more than 7,000% returns in the last one monh, thanks to it’s global advertisement campaign in Australia, Dubai, India, and Germany.

DogeBonk’s Global Ad Campaign

The rise in the price of DogeBonk cryptocurrency is majorly due to the ads that the project team has published all across the world and this has now become a reason for the anger of Shiba Inu investors.

Many SHIB holders have begun selling their SHIBA Inu tokens in order to switch to DogeBonk. The latter has a market capitalization of $191 million while Shiba Inu has a marketcap of more than $20 billion. Hence, it is obvious that DogeBonk has way more space to grow.

Shiba Inu community is bustling with the debate of whether to hold or sell their tokens. Many community members on reddit have expressed their anger towards DOBO for trying to ‘kill’ Shib.

SHIB Investor Reactions

Another Shiba Inu holder, After-Business-9103, accused Dogebonk’s mission as, “plotting a psyop to flip SHIB”.

Another Shib holder, called Timely_Inflation1000, tried to calm the panic and stated: “Yes these coins might come out and slow Shib down a little and try to steal some Shib holders or make Shib investors invest some of their money in these coins for a quick buck.

“But, at the end of the day Shib is already so far ahead of these coins.

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