Sexual assault, auto theft under scrutiny by Lawton police – The Lawton Constitution

Lawton police are investigating a man’s claim that he’d been sexually assaulted by multiple men, and had his vehicle stolen, Friday.

Officers were called around 3 p.m. to a northwest Lawton home to the report of the stolen vehicle. Upon meeting the victim, they heard more to the story.

The man said he’d given a ride to another man to a hotel in the 3100 block of Cache Road. According to the report, he went on to say he’d been sexually assaulted by multiple men and lost his vehicle during an incident earlier in the day. He declined medical attention.

The vehicle’s GPS tracker showed it was at a store at West Gore Boulevard and 9th Street and it was recovered.

The driver said his friend had given permission to drive it to the store, but he couldn’t remember the friend’s name, according to LPD Sgt. Elijah Garcia. Two women said they were riding with the man to the store and didn’t know the vehicle was stolen.

Once the vehicle owner arrived to the scene, he said the driver was a friend of the suspect and that they’d spent time together before. According to the report, he said the man wasn’t one of the men who assaulted him.

The vehicle was released to its owner, the victim’s mother.


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