SeekaHost PBN Hosting Review: Best Private Blog Network Hosting

SeekaHost PBN Hosting Review: Best Private Blog Network Hosting

Demand for best PBN hosting is increasing as more and more people are creating private blog networks to not only use for PBN SEO but also to monetize the private blogs.

I spoke to London SEO Consultant, Fernando Raymond he states that due to the high demand this year for private blog network hosting, he and his team at ClickDo has created the easy to use SeekaHost PBN Hosting that can easily host a blog in less than 60 seconds.

Private Blog Network Hosting 

Private Blog Network Hosting, abbreviated as PBN hosting that provides you the flexibility to host your desired CMS with various high-quality hosting providers and driving everything from one panel, leaving no server-side footprint. In PBN hosting, each domain has allotted with a unique IP Address compared to the other domain. As PBN hosting is often a lot cheaper than regular hosting options, it is the best choice for many SEOs.

Moreover, security is the most significant factor to consider for your PBN Hosting, as it is essential for a well-maintained website.

Why SeekaHost is Best Private Blog Network Hosting?

SeekaHost has considered the leading PBN Hosting because its team has created the packages to fulfill the most advanced SEO demands in the PBN hosting industry. SeekaHost has excellent support from a team of dedicated experts who can handle any technical issues anytime. SeekaHost PBN hosting service provider offers Up to 2000 IPs with multiple locations.

Unique Features of SeekaHost PBN hosting

SeekaHost offers specific PBN hosting services that are absolute for their customers, depending upon their needs and pocket. And some of the main features of SeekaHost PBN Hosting are given below:

  • Upto 2000 Unique IPs
  • Individual cPanel Accounts
  • One-Click Installer that supports to install the CMS
  • 24×7 Live Customer Support
  • Private Name Servers
  • Multiple locations
  • Starting from $0.85
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Moreover, you get the flexibility of choosing anyone out of the two hosting services suitable for your individual needs. And there are different PBN hosting packages with no limit to CMS; they have several options available.

Pricing for SeekaHost PBN Hosting Plans

As SeekaHost PBN hosting service provides 16 PBN Hosting packages, it shows distinct pricing over each package as given below:

Firstly, here comes 5 IP PBN hosting package, comprising 5 unique IP, having 2.5 GB Disk Space, 25 GB Data Transfer, and five cPanel Accounts, costing only $1.2/month per IP address hosting account.

Another is 10 IP PBN hosting package, which has 10 unique IP, with 5 GB Disk Space and 50 GB Data Transfer with a cost of $1.1/month per IP address hosting account.

The next one is the 50 IP PBN hosting package with 50 unique IPs, 25 GB Disk Space, 250 GB Data Transfer, and a cost of $1/month per IP.

Another is the 200 IP PBN hosting Package used by advanced SEO consultants. This package is for anyone who wishes to host their 200 blogs securely on multiple C Class IPs. It has 200 unique IPs, with 1000 GB Data Transfer and 200 CPanel Accounts at $0.85/IP.

Now the package used by large agencies is the 2000 IP PBN hosting package, which has 2000 unique IPs, 1000 GB Disc Space, 10000 GB Data Transfer, and 2000 CPanel Accounts at $0.85/month per IP.

 SeekaHost PBN Hosting is safe

SeekaHost PBN Hosting Packages are entirely safe and secured. SeekaHost provides PBN Web hosting Packages as zero-footprint Hosting. Here inside PBN Web hosting packages, you will be getting unique C Class IPs with private Name Server Setup to exhibit your domain unique, hiding the hosting profile.

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Final Thoughts

SeekaHost works as the leading PBN hosting to widen the private blog networks by featuring its best services and techniques. With the assurance from the top digital entrepreneur and his team, you can get best hosting without any worry on price or reliability.


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