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If you’ve been an iPhone user for a long time, you probably think you’ve tried out all the features your phone has to offer – but think again, because Apple seems to be a gift that keeps giving.

Your iPhone is full of surprises and there’s always going to be many clever, hidden hacks for you to discover. With each new update, the treasure trove of tricks is sure to expand.

From tips to make texting quick and easy to lesser-known tips to adjust your brightness, here are three secret – and useful – iPhone hacks that everyone ought to try.

Three-finger trick

Person texting on iPhone
The three-finger trick makes it much easier to undo mistakes while typing on your iPhone

Everyone makes mistakes when they’re firing off text messages. But your iPhone has a handy trick to help undo mistakes without the hassle of erasing the whole message.

If you simply swipe three of your fingers to the left of the screen and it should undo automatically. Another three-finger trick involves single tapping on the screen, which causes a quick toolbar to pop up.

This hidden toolbar has several useful functions such as a redo button, an undo button, as well as cut and paste options.

Use Airplane mode to hang up

Not everyone enjoys long phone conversations, but we’ve all got to sit through them sometimes.

However, if you’re ever stuck on one and want to escape it without being rude to the person on the other end, iPhone offers a cheeky way to fake a poor connection.

If you find yourself needing to get out of an awkward phone call, all you need to do is put your iPhone on Airplane mode.

When you do this, it should send a call failed error message which seems like poor network rather than an indicator that you just can’t take any more of their droning.

Turn on Night Shift

Person holding iPhone X
iPhone’s Night Shift mode can reduce blue light entering your eyes and help you sleep better

Most of us have heard the advice of keeping your phone away from you when you’re getting ready to sleep. However, most of us tend not to take this advice, as we continue to scroll until we drift off.

Apple’s Night Shift mode may be a solution that helps you sleep better. This feature helps reduce the amount of blue light entering your eyes from your iPhone.

Blue light is known to mess with your ability to sleep because it blocks a hormone called melatonin, which makes you sleepy – so the Night Shift mode might be your way to a good night’s sleep.

To turn on the feature, go to Settings and then click “Display & Brightness”. Here, you’ll be able to turn Night Shift on and even set a timer for it to turn on and off automatically each day.


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