Samsung Wireless Charger Trio: A good way to untangle your desk – The Irish Times

When it comes to charging devices, I like thing to be neat. But with an increasing number of devices that require regular charging – watch, phone, headphones, to name a few – it is getting to be a bit of a tangle around my desk. After an unfortunate incident with a bad charging cable – sparks, fire, you know the tale – I also prefer things to be wireless, to minimise the risk of damaging another cable without realising. This is where wireless charging pads come in handy, and the Samsung Wireless Charger Trio can be particularly handy. It has six charging coils built into it, so you can charge your phone, your headphones and a compatible watch at once. There are some sacrifices. The trio charger will only power your devices at 9 watts (for Galaxy devices) and 7.5 watts for iPhones, compared with the Fast Charge capability of the duo charger. And it’s not compatible with all watches, such as the Apple Watch. But if you are a Samsung person through and through, this charger is a good desk mate.


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