Samsung Space Monitor (32″ UHD) review: Great idea, poor execution –

I’m someone who really likes good ideas, even when they aren’t executed that well, I like to see the potential in a concept and just let my mind wander from there. Especially if it’s a new idea that I hadn’t seen before. That’s why I was genuinely interested in checking out Samsung’s new Space Monitor because on the surface it looks like a great idea. Plus, they had this sick advertisement that just absolutely sold me on the idea.

But, the thing is, Samsung’s Space Monitor is also a good idea that I think should have been executed a little better.

What is it?

OK, let me start with what is a “Space Monitor”. No, it’s not a monitor from outer space. Rather, it’s a monitor that’s designed to save you space. Samsung’s targeting people who have simply too many things on their table to put a monitor, but still want a monitor.

Unlike most of the monitors that I’m used to dealing with, whose stand and screen snap into place without the need to bust out the old phillips head, the Space Monitor won’t work unless you secure it with four screws. But, that’s for good reason because in case you haven’t noticed yet, the Space Monitor doesn’t have your run of the mill stand. It’s…a little more flexible

Rather than having a stand that sits on your table and takes up space, the Space Monitor clamps onto the side of your desk instead. This way the stand doesn’t need to have a big footprint to support the weight of the monitor, freeing up valuable desk space.

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And when the monitor is fully upright, it certainly doesn’t take up much space at all. It’s about as out of the way as a wall-mounted monitor without needing a wall to mount it to. It was a pretty liberating experience, if I’m being honest, and I also didn’t need to worry about my laptop getting in the way because I could just leave it under the monitor. In fact, I could also rest the back of it on the little foot of the Space Monitor to prop it up for better airflow.



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