Samsung says it’s ‘Time to Rethink Privacy’ at Security Tech Forum 2020 – SamMobile

Samsung has launched the official trailer for its upcoming Security Tech Forum 2020 (SSTF 2020), inviting people to check out the future of security & privacy come August 18. On that date, Samsung will be live streaming the Security Tech Forum 2020 and anyone who may want to participate to the online event can register their interest through the official SSTF page. Enthusiasts around the world will also have access to an online Hacker’s Playground where they’ll have an opportunity to show off their skills in hacking for a chance to win prizes.

Indeed, much like Galaxy Unpacked 2020, the next Samsung Security Tech Forum will be held solely in an online environment. The event will be hosted by five speakers who will be presenting a total of four keynotes. They are Yong Ho Hwang and Daniel Ahn of Samsung Electronics Korea; Elisa Bertino, Professor at Purdue University USA; Nicolas Papernot, Professor at the University of Toronto, Canada; and Yeongjin Jang, Professor at the Oregon State University, USA.

Samsung says it’s Time to Rethink Privacy

Interestingly enough, Samsung’s official trailer for the upcoming Security Tech Forum 2020 highlights that it’s Time to Rethink Privacy. What does Security & Privacy mean to you? the video asks of the viewer within the first couple of seconds, after which it claims that your private data should scale with your security posture.

In this context, security posture refers to how well an organization can fend off cyber threats, so there’s a strong possibility that Samsung will unveil new advancements for its Knox security platform. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we learn more, but until then, feel free to check the official trailer below.



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