Samsung offers vital 4K TV advice and ignoring it could leave you with a big headache

Samsung is offering customers some very simple – but useful – advice that’s worth considering before splashing out on a shiny new gogglebox. The South Korean firm has released new data which shows customers are increasingly turning to bigger and bigger televisions.

In fact, most people now rank size as a major reason to upgrade from their existing set to a brand-new television, Samsung says. Experts are predicting that sales of 75-inch and larger TVs will increase by 17 percent in 2020 alone.

There’s plenty of reasons why super-sizing your TV could improve your next binge-watch at home. After all, these ginormous goggleboxes offer a more immersive experience, especially when watching the latest Hollywood blockbusters in crisp 4K Ultra HD. Gaming is also improved on these larger screens and this will become even more important with the release of the next generation of consoles, which are set to offer improved 4K graphics and higher frame rates when they launch later this year.

So, going big sounds like a smart move, however, Samsung has some top advice before rushing to the shops to buy a new 75-inch telly. The firm says it’s vital that customers get a sense of size of their new panel before committing to a huge new television. If you’re currently watching a 32-inch HD TV with chunky bezels from a few years ago, it can be difficult to appreciate just how far things have moved on.

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Today’s UHD TVs offer more detail, so you can sit closer than before without seeing the pixels. However, sitting too close will still cause eye strain.

While it all boils down to personal preference, Samsung has provided a simple formula that provides a good starting point:

Viewing distance (in inches)/2 = recommended TV size.

For example, if you sit 10 feet from your current television – that equates to 120 inches. Divide that by two – as per the formula you get 60-inches (120/2 = 60).

So, in this scenario, the maximum screen size that Samsung would recommend for your living room would be 60 inches (and remember, that’s the diagonal measurement of the screen). Most modern TVs are expected to last from between 5 to 10 years, so ensuring you buy the right model is important as you could be stuck watching it for a long time.

And if you’re thinking about moving house in the coming months, it might be worth holding off your new purchase until you can get the measurements from your new living room to ensure you’re not straining your eyes on movie night.

After all, if you get it wrong, you could end up with a big and expensive problem stuck in the corner of your living room.


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