Samsung may have beaten Apple in fixing the biggest issue with your smartphone

Despite most smartphone manufacturers claiming that their devices are made of ever tougher stuff, smashed screens remain a huge, and very expensive, problem for owners. Getting a display fixed via an official repair is a costly business with Apple and Samsung both charging over £200 to mend displays on their latest phones.

This issue has been made even worse in recent years with the introduction of wireless charging which requires the whole device to be covered in highly breakable glass.

Now it seems Samsung may have finally fixed this nightmare with its latest Note 20 Ultra appearing to cope far better when dropped than Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Both of these flagship devices have just been put through their paces by the team at PhoneBuff and the results show a stark difference between the two products.

The Note 20 Ultra and iPhone 11 Pro Max faced a number of gruelling tests including being dropped on their screens, corners and back.

If you’ve ever had your phone slip through your fingers then the YouTube video will bring back terrible nightmares but Samsung should be chuffed to bits with the results.

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Although the Note 20 Ultra didn’t survive completely unblemished it was nowhere near as bad as the damage sustained to the iPhone – which saw cracks and splintered glass across the whole front and rear glass.

It’s worth noting that, after the first round of drops, both devices continued to be fully functional with the cameras and screens all working normally.

However, things didn’t go so well during the final test which saw the phones slammed into the deck 10 times in a row.

The iPhone just about survived this test although pieces of glass began shattering from the rear case and camera stopped working.

Amazingly, the Note 20 Ultra survived the whole experience without any significant damage. The screen stayed crack free and everything including the camera and embedded fingerprint sensor carried on working as it should.

PhoneBuff also noted how impressed they were that the damage sustained in the first drop tests didn’t get any worse during the Ultra’s final grilling.

Of course, this is just one test and we certainly wouldn’t recommend throwing your £1,179 Galaxy Note 20 on the floor to see how well it survives

However, it still appears mightily impressive from Samsung and it seems the Gorilla Glass case it’s wrapped is more than capable of surviving life in your pocket.


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