Samsung issues final warning over plans to DELETE your photos and videos

Samsung is reminding customers to rescue photos from the Samsung Cloud – or risk losing them all. With summer holidays now in full swing, it’s possible that longtime Samsung fans have forgotten about the looming deadline.

For those who have forgotten, Samsung is removing the option to back up your photo gallery – including photos, selfies, and videos – to the Samsung Cloud. Presumably, the South Korean firm has taken the decision to cut down its storage costs. With Google, DropBox, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon and a number of other companies offering the same functionality… there’s no shortage of other options.

Confusingly, Samsung Cloud isn’t going anywhere. The back-up service will continue to store copies of your contacts, calendar, and notes. So, if you lose or break your handset… your data will be safe and sound. However, photos and videos will no longer be included.

Likewise, any documents stored within the Files app would also be backed up to Samsung’s servers. This feature, dubbed Drive, alongside the photo storage, known as Gallery Sync in Samsung marketing speak, will be dropped by the South Korean firm in the coming months.

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Samsung previously stated that its service would be dropped by the end of May 2021 in the UK, mainland Europe, United States and Australia. However, the smartphone manufacturer has now pushed back that deadline.

Not only that, but the firm has split its customers into two distinct groups, each with a standalone deadline. If you’re unsure which group you’re in – just make sure that all of your data is downloaded from the cloud and backed-up with another service by the Group 1 deadline, which comes around before Group 2. Customers in Group 1 must download any files backed up in the Samsung Cloud by September 30, with Group 2 customers given until November 30.

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Even though the deadline is a few weeks away, Samsung cautions users not to delay. It says that leaving the downloads until the last minute is a bad idea because “when it gets close to the final deprecation date, you might not be able to download your data smoothly due to the increased number of users”.

If you act now, your photos will be deleted from Samsung Cloud before the deadline. Samsung will leave your images and videos for 60 days after you elect to download the data, or until the deadline arrives, whichever is soonest.

Samsung had previously partnered with Microsoft to offer ex-Samsung Cloud users one year of 15GB storage in OneDrive for free. However, the deadline for that offer expired on August 12, 2021. Microsoft usually includes a data allowance of 5GB with free OneDrive accounts, with anyone who needs more space required to pay a monthly fee.



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