Samsung is Planning on Launching CamCyclopedia Guides for Galaxy Smartphone Users – Wccftech

It seems like Samsung is working on a new learning tool for everyone who likes mobile photography and uses their Galaxy smartphones. The guide will be aptly titled CamCyclopedia and could end up becoming an important part of the Samsung Members app.

For those wondering, CamCyclopedia was mentioned before at a Galaxy Camera Workshop in South Korea. Many details have managed to make their way on the community forums.

Samsung Galaxy Users Can Actually Take Some Really Nice Pictures Using CamCyclopedia

Additionally, during the workshop, Samsung also revealed the plans to ensure that the Expert RAW camera app keeps getting updated with added improvements. The company has also said that it wants to make it easier for all mobile photography enthusiasts to get the type of shots they want, and Samsung wants to make this happen by giving them a better and more convenient way to learn photography and this is where the CamCyclopedia would come in.

CapCyclopedia will act as a learning tool, and Samsung could release it as a part of the Members app. However, it is unclear as to how the guide or the component is going to help Galaxy phone users. However, considering how the Expert RAW app can be overwhelming, a proper guide explaining everything could surely be helpful.

Expert RAW is the newest camera app that has pro-grade features merged with computational photography that allows you to have an amazing photography experience. The app is currently available on select smartphones and the results that you get are amazing.

As far as CamCyclopedia is concerned, we are still not sure how Samsung is going to implement that but only time will tell as we move forward.

Do you think that CamCyclopedia is something that you will be willing to use? Let us know how you feel about the guide below.


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