Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition: Flagship Specs For Just $999 – Boss Hunting

Samsung has been going hard in the paint this year. You ought to know, we’ve been covering every major release from the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra in San Francisco to the more recent Samsung Galaxy S20 Note. Unsurprisingly, these devices have traditionally demanded a certain level of pricing. Starting from today, however, consumers are in for an affordable treat with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition: an accessible bit of tech which is positioned to be a “budget” offering – but functions like a premium flagship.

No, this isn’t an exaggeration. Sans a minor downgrade of the camera, a few negligible cosmetic features, and shaving a little off the top in terms of technical grunt, the Fan Edition actually makes the flagship cut. In fact, if you compare the specs below with that of Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro Max, on paper, the Fan Edition wins everywhere it matters – more camera megapixels, more RAM, more baseline storage, a larger battery. It’s times like these where one begins to question why you’d ever forfeit more hard-earned cash for a product which objectively provides, well… less. That’s the power of marketing, I suppose.

We sat down with Samsung AU Vice President (IT & Mobile) – Garry McGregor – ahead of the latest UNPACKED launch event to talk all things Fan Edition.


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