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Samsung fans have already been warned off upgrading to both the Galaxy Note 10 or Galaxy Note 10 Plus. But now the reasons are mounting up. 


Having already warned Samsung fans to “please skip” the Note 10 due to the groundbreaking Galaxy S11 camera, hugely popular Samsung insider Ice Universe has revealed another area where the Note range will fall short compared to Samsung’s next flagship. Furthermore, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

Ice reveals that Samsung will mass-produce a “next-generation OLED material” dubbed M10 at the end of the year, specifically for the Galaxy S11. The Galaxy Note 10 uses M9 (surprisingly, so does the iPhone 11) and while this panel has been highly praised, it misses out on the technology everyone is talking about: high refresh rates.

Interestingly, Samsung has already given a high refresh rate panel to OnePlus for the OnePlus 7 Pro in an act of seeming self-sabotage. But, while the smoothness 90Hz provides is game-changing, the panel itself is not as bright and accurate the Note 10 which suggests why Samsung held it back from the Note line-up. With fast refresh rate panels a must for flagships in 2020, however, it looks like the M10 is Samsung’s answer to marrying the best of both worlds. 


And this may be just the icing on the cake of the Galaxy S11. Ice has already dubbed the phone “a new beginning” for Samsung and revealed its codename, significant performance advantage and the design changes which will surpass the Note 10. Samsung has also confirmed its next-gen memory, while 5G will be standard (not an expensive optional extra) and the company is working on tech which will blow away even the Note 10’s 45W Super Fast charging

None of which is to say the Galaxy Note 10 range is bad, they are genuinely good smartphones but they are also iterative. By contrast, the Galaxy S11 is set to be a real knockout


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