Samsung Galaxy Book4 360 review: Another new reason to ditch Windows 10

Galaxy Book4 360 review

Galaxy Book4 360 review (Image: SAMSUNG)

Samsung has released its next batch of powerful new laptops including the fully flexible Galaxy Book4 360

What we love

  • Decent touch screen
  • Flip the display into a tablet
  • Lots of ports
  • Good battery life
  • S Pen in the box

What we don’t

  • Can get expensive
  • Design not that premium
  • Nowhere to store S Pen
  • Terrible speakers

We’re getting ever closer to Windows 10 being sent to the history books and if your current PC can’t switch to Windows 11 – due to those annoying new system requirements – it could be time to consider a replacement. Right on cue, Samsung has released its next batch of powerful new laptops including the fully flexible Galaxy Book4 360.

This portable device features a stunning 15.6-inch FHD AMOLED display that flips over on its hinge to become a super-sized tablet. That means you can use it all day to bash out boring emails and check mind-numbing spreadsheets but then transform it into an entertainment hub at night.

Galaxy Book4 360 review

The hinge offers plenty of flexibility (Image: SAMSUNG) has been putting the Galaxy Book4 360 through its paces and there’s an abundance of features to love about this versatile laptop.As you’d expect from Samsung – a company famed for its TVs – the huge touchscreen is simply superb with content looking bright, bold, rich and packed full of colour.Slim bezels improve the visual experience further so this display is perfect for both work and quick boxset binge.

When it’s time to fire off the daily messages, you get a decent keyboard with buttons that offer plenty of travel and a pleasing bounce each time you punch the keys.

There’s also a full numerical pad on the right-hand side which is perfect for those constantly crunching the numbers.

Galaxy Book4 360 review

The Galaxy Book4 360 can easily transform into a tablet (Image: SAMSUNG)

Head under the hood and you get a very capable Intel Core 7 150U Processor with Intel Graphics plus there’s the choice of 8GB or 16GB RAM.

We opted for more RAM and we’d recommend this for anyone who thinks they might start editing videos and high-resolution photos or fancies a bit of gaming on their laptop.

There’s also the option to boost the hard disk up to a whopping 1TB of storage (256GB and 512GB are also available).

If battery life is important then there’s more good news as the Galaxy Book4 360 offers some pretty epic power consumption.

There are plenty of ports including two USB-C sockets, one HDMI port and even a USB-A option

During our tests it easily powered us through a whole day – treat it kindly and you could see around 15 hours of life before needing refill.It ships with a pretty rapid charger – flat to full takes around an hour.Other nice features include Samsung’s S Pen stylus in the box for scribbling on the screen, great compatibility between Samsung Galaxy devices, a decent webcam and Windows 11 Home pre-installed.

A fast fingerprint scanner unlocks the screen in a flash and saves you from having to remember a password. That finger recognition also makes things much more secure as, unlike a standard code, it’s almost impossible to hack.

Despite its overall size – this laptop weighs in at 1.5kg – it feels light enough to pop in your bag and there are plenty of ports including two USB-C sockets, one HDMI port and even a USB-A option – that’s not something you’ll find on any new MacBook.

Galaxy Book4 360 review

A full touch screen is included (Image: SAMSUNG)

It’s a solid laptop but we do have some gripes.Whilst the Intel Core 7 chip is good it can’t match the might of Apple’s latest M3 processor which outperforms it in most benchmarking tests.It is also worth noting that Qualcomm is about to unleash its new Snapdragon X Elite chip which looks set to bring some serious performance gains to Windows 11 laptops in the future.

Whilst the Galaxy Book4 360 looks good, the plasticky design doesn’t make it feel all that premium and the numerical keyboard means you have to get used to typing slightly off-centre.We love having the S Pen included as standard but Samsung hasn’t added anywhere to store it which means it’s very easy to lose.

The flippable screen might be excellent for a night with Netflix but the included speakers are pretty dire so we’d recommend headphones for the best experience.Finally, there’s the price. Things start from £1,199 for the 8GB RAM model. That’s very reasonable but start adding more memory and a bigger hard drive and you’ll soon face a bill of over £1,650 – ouch!

Galaxy Book4 360 review

Galaxy Book4 360 review (Image: SAMSUNG)

Galaxy Book4 360: Final Verdict

The Galaxy Book4 360 is a solid option for anyone wanting a Windows laptop that transforms into a tablet. It has a decent display, enough power for daily digital tasks and features plenty of ports as well as a quality keyboard. Long battery life, fast fingerprint scanner, S Pen in the box and portable design all add to the appeal.

This is a good option for anyone wanting to switch up from Windows 10 but it’s definitely not perfect. The speakers are pretty poor, the plastic casing doesn’t feel premium enough and it can get very expensive to own.

There’s also that new Qualcomm chip on the horizon that could soon offer a serious performance boost to PCs with it installed.

The Galaxy Book4 360 won’t let you down and is great for both work and play. We like it a lot but it’s not quite PC perfection.


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