Samsung Forward program expands to cover all of Russia – SamMobile

The Samsung Forward program has been expanded to cover the entire territory of Russia. Similar to the Upgrade Program, Samsung Forward allows eligible customers to acquire new Galaxy phones in exchange for a monthly fee. After the first 12 payments, customers can choose to upgrade to a newer Galaxy model free of charge, or return the device and put its value towards discounting other purchases.

Samsung Forward is available through third-party retailers

Unlike the Upgrade Program which works exclusively through Samsung’s own retail channels, customers can take advantage of Samsung Forward through partner third-party retailers in the country. Prospective buyers can visit the official website and consult a map for the exact locations of all the participating retailers in Russia.

Samsung Forward first launched in Russia roughly a year ago before the service became available nation-wide. The company claims that since then, one out of every four Forward participants upgraded to a new Galaxy phone using the program. Samsung Russia also reveals that 11 percent of Galaxy Note 10 pre-orders have been covered by Forward members who have secured the new flagship from a partner retailer.

As of this writing, the Galaxy Note 10 can be acquired via Samsung Forward in exchange of 4,690 rubles ($73) a month, while the Galaxy Note 10+ is available for 5,490 ($86). The service is not limited to flagships and you can review the entire product catalog here.


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