Samsung Electronics donates $1 million to Texas, the U.S. to help victims of cold wave – Korea IT Times

Samsung Electronics has decided to donate $1 million to Texas State, the U.S., which has been hit hard by the cold weather. 

According to Samsung Electronics’ U.S. newsroom on March 5, Samsung Electronics has decided to donate the amount to a community social organization in central and northern Texas. The donations will be used to help victims of the cold in central and northern Texas.


Samsung Electronics Texas Austin Plant Location Map / Courtey of Samsung

“There was someone who needed help, and we want to help,” said Choi Kyung-sik, CEO of Samsung Electronics in North America. “We will provide as soon as possible support to community members who work together.”

Since establishing a semiconductor plant in Austin, Texas in 1998, Samsung Electronics has been operating a line that produces 14-nanometer (1 nm = 1 billionth of a meter) system semiconductors. 

With 6,000 employees, the company has invested more than $17 billion so far. Last year, the company achieved 3.91 trillion won ($3.5 billion) in sales.

Donations will be used for water, food, housing repairs, and public health services. Samsung Electronics contributed more than $4 million to non-profit organizations in the U.S. last year to support projects related to the COVID-19.

There is Samsung Electronics’ semiconductor foundry (consignment production) plant in Austin, Texas. Due to the cold weather, it has not been operational for more than two weeks. 

Currently, electricity and water are secured, but cleaning and equipment restart are delayed. Some observers say that it will be difficult to operate the plant until the middle of next month.

It is the first time that the Austin plant has stopped operating since its establishment in 1998. Samsung Electronics is currently discussing additional investments in semiconductor factories near its Austin plant.

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