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Samsung DeX is receiving a few new features on the Galaxy S20 series that brings with it a few new features and a bunch of bug fixes. Though the update is rolling out gradually to the S20 line of devices running One UI 2.1, some devices sold in the recent past shipped with the update. The additions making it to the experience include new mouse features for windowed apps, multi-touch support for the touchpad, and more.

With the update, users can finally use a mouse to drag windows and snap it to the sides of the screen. The ability to snap windows when using DeX has been present for a while. However, the snapping had to be done using touch on a touchscreen or through a keyboard shortcut combination. This is particularly useful for those that use a keyboard/mouse setup when using DeX. The snapping experience is similar to the one present on Windows 10.

Another feature that is being added with the update is the ability to use multi-touch gestures on the touchpad. DeX allows users to turn the device’s screen into a touchpad. With the added multi-touch gestures, users can map actions to specific gestures, such as a three-finger touch or swipes. The settings for these gestures can be found in Settings > Samsung DeX Settings > Mouse/Touchpad > Touchpad Gestures.

Additional Bixby routines capabilities are also making its way through the update. Users can now set a list of commands to be executed when the phone enters or leaves the DeX environment. These include turning on Do Not Disturb or Bluetooth on the device. The update also brings some bug fixes, including a fix for a non-typing issue on the Apps screen when using a physical keyboard.

Interestingly, these features may also make it to older Samsung flagships as part of the One UI 2.1 update that is planned for those devices. As for the S20 line, the update should make it to users’ devices sooner than later.

Source: Samsung Community Forums (Korea) via SamMobile


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