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Samsung appears to be replacing its Daily feed with a revamped service called Samsung Free, according to a notice sent to users. The new service will supposedly offer a more streamlined content experience and can be accessed by swiping to the left screen of the launcher, where users will get information about news, games, and more.

Samsung Daily

Here’s what Samsung Daily looks like.

Samsung Daily — previously Bixby Home — was essentially Samsung’s answer to the Google Feed. It boasted over 20 content partnerships from the likes of theScore, Twitter, and Netflix, among others, and featured some excellent customization options that allowed users to get the information they wanted with just a swipe.

According to Samsung, the new Samsung Free will feature simpler navigation through a multi-tab structure, as well as content such as news and games in the new format. Some cards from Samsung Daily will be discontinued as the company’s content offerings are realigned.

Samsung Free update

Credits: Reddit user /u/12for10cents

It’s unclear what prompted Samsung to initiate this change, but this isn’t the first time the feed has been revamped and renamed. First, it was Bixby Home, then it became Samsung Daily. Now, it’s Samsung Free — a new experience Samsung claims is much improved over what came before.

For what it’s worth, the comments on the Reddit post all seem to favor this change, with many users saying the feed could definitely use a refresh. Not much other information is available about Samsung Free, but let us know what you think when the new experience hits your device.

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Featured image: Samsung Daily cards



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