Samsung announces the integration of Bixby in Portuguese with the Galaxy Watch Active 2 – re:Jerusalem

Since Samsung made Bixby available in Portuguese here in Brazil, the company has promoted several actions to make the virtual assistant more prominent in the list of options chosen by the public, even though it is a resource. exclusive for branded devices.

The South Korean manufacturer recently announced that it is integrating the functionality with the Galaxy Watch Active 2 smart watch, allowing users to have an even more interactive user experience, which becomes essential due to the different features that the products offer. the company.

The novelty will allow voice commands executed in Portuguese to make it easy to apply a variety of activities, from monitoring physical activities to checking e-mails, situations that are part of the routine of many people.

Samsung believes that this new integration will optimize other devices in the company through Bixby, which is fundamental today, where virtual assistants become more and more popular and the creation of an ecosystem of products and services is one of the brand’s great differentials.

“Samsung is committed to expanding the Portuguese version of Bixby, bringing the voice control experience to different devices. This integration with the Galaxy Watch Active 2 optimizes people’s routines, making it easier to perform common tasks of daily life, whether at work, at leisure or during exercise, ”said Bruno Costa, Senior Director of Content and services for the region. of mobile devices from Samsung Brazil.

One of the practical examples given by the company, because the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is an exercise-focused smartwatch, is that the device will automatically track runs, providing metrics to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. injuries.

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