Salesforce Acquires Slack with Biggest Deal in Company History –

What Does This Mean for Hybrid Work?

For hybrid work, this is a big deal, literally and figuratively. With the pandemic still affecting how we work, this partnership proves that hybrid work has got to be a big part of any business’s long-term plans.

“If you don’t have a digital way to connect with your employees, customers, and partners, you don’t have much of a chance of surviving,” wrote Salesforce in a statement.

This isn’t only a big deal because of the times we’re living in, though. The price of the deal is obviously astronomically large, but the two companies involved are powerhouses in the hybrid work space, as well.

Salesforce is undeniably the most popular CRM on the market today, offering nothing short of a barrage of digital resources that can improve your business. In fact, Salesforce’s CRM market share is nearly 20%, which is more than its four leading competitors combined.

Similarly, Slack has risen quickly to elite status in the business world, with 10 million daily users in 2021, and 600,000 different organizations around the world utilizing the messaging software. With these two working together, they could completely transform how work is thought of from a hybrid standpoint. Or, at least, make it easier for everyone else.


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