Safety Concerns with Eco Friendly Transportation –

As the concern for climate change grows larger, many Americans are considering reducing their carbon footprint and starting to lean more towards eco friendly means of transportation. For those living around the large metropolitan areas of Pennsylvania, a lot of people have an opportunity consider using other devices to get around that is more cost friendly and better for the environment.

Last year, the city of Philadelphia was ranked as the #26 most popular city for bikers. The city of Pittsburgh was also ranked in the top 50 popular cities for bicyclists. Although recognized as a popular area for those who bike, the cities’ infrastructure and heavy traffic can pose a threat for those who share the road.

Is Eco friendly travel safe for people to frequently use as a day to day method of travel or recreation for Pennsylvania city life?

According to Dallas Hartman, a Pittsburgh based bicycle accident lawyer, the total number of bicycle related injuries in the entire state alone adds up to over 5900 bike related accidents leaving a rider severely injured. On top of that, in 2018, The State’s department of transportation reported cyclist 18 fatalities.

With the potential introduction of electric dock-less scooters, this could give both Pittsburgh and Philly residents a new way of short distance travel. However, already there has been a countless number of incidents, accidents, complaints and even several deaths that occurred when cities were introduced with this change of micro transportation.

Although these scooters have not been officially released in Pennsylvania, it still leads to issues involving unfamiliar laws, provisional safety and designing a safe infrastructure for these vehicles.

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However, for all micro and eco friendly vehicles for travel, people should understand key safety regulations and practices to help prevent themselves from any danger. For instance, anyone who rides their bike as a means for transport should be aware of general bike laws. PennDOT has clearly written information about what cyclist must abide by. But it isn’t just cyclists and scooter riders who must practice caution. It’s as important for cars and other larger vehicles to make the road a safer place for vehicles that share the same bit of road.



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