Sadiq Khan: Labour is the new party of business


adiq Khan on Monday called for Labour to take on the mantle as the party for business – a title he said had been “vacated” by the Conservatives.

The Mayor of London accused the Tories of being the “most anti-business Government in living memory” under Boris Johnson’s leadership.

But Keir Starmer should “do even more” to take on board the views of corporate leaders, entrepreneurs and small business owners, he added.

A “reckless pursuit of a hard Brexit” and anti-immigration laws are damaging London commerce, according to the mayor.

During a London First reception at the Labour Party conference he said: “Being pro-business whilst also being pro-worker, pro-fairness and pro-green is not only possible, but necessary in order to create the changes we need in our economy and society.

“Labour made itself the natural party of government in the late Nineties after years in the political wilderness because it understood this.

“Due to the Government’s populist policies – a hard Brexit, a restrictive immigration system that leaves us less open to talent, and an attitude to London which seeks to limit rather than unleash its potential to stimulate growth across our regions – there is a clear gap for a party of business.”


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