Ryan Houghton: Tories suspend candidate who made ‘anti-Semitic’ comments

Ryan Houghton, the Tory candidate for Aberdeen North, allegedly suggested in online posts that elements of the Holocaust were “fabricated” and that Muslims were having large families to create “Eurabia”.

He also said he could not see how homosexuality was good for the human race, in posts uncovered by Scottish paper The National.

According to the paper, in one post he said there was “no credible evidence to suggest the Holocaust did not happen” but went on: “I do find some of the events fabricated”.

Mr Houghton, who remains a candidate, said the comments were made in an online forum when he was 20, and apologised for any hurt caused.

A spokesman for the Scottish Conservatives said: “The comments contained in these blogs are unacceptable and Mr Houghton has been suspended as a member of the Scottish Conservative party as a result. The party has also withdrawn its support for his candidacy… The Scottish Conservatives deplore all forms of Islamophobia, homophobia and anti-Semitism.”

In a statement on Twitter, Mr Houghton said the comments were taken “out of context”. He added: “I apologise unreservedly for any hurt now caused by these comments and have been in contact with members of the Jewish community in Aberdeen.”

Holocaust survivor Lord Dubs said: “The Conservatives must face up to their problem with anti-Semitism. Instead of using the issue to score political points, they should challenge it in their own ranks.”


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