Ruffer: Crypto Market Still at Foothills of Long Trend –

The UK-based investment company Ruffer Investment Company says the cryptocurrency industry is still relatively small as the market stays at the foothills of a long trend. In its recent report, the company highlighted that even a small allocation of bitcoin (EXANTE: Bitcoin) brings “something significantly different to the portfolio.”

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“We think we are relatively early to this, at the foothills of a long trend of institutional adoption and financialisation of bitcoin,” the company emphasized.

Ruffer also proposes to think of BTC’s bad reputation as a “risk premium,” as the market moves through the process of normalization and institutionalization.

As iHodl earlier reported, Ruffer Investment Company put 2.5% of its investment fund in BTC. The company considered bitcoin as a small but “potent insurance policy” against the continuing devaluation of the world’s major currencies.

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