RSCPA Queensland investigates Mackay dog neglect after Facebook post – ABC News

Two dogs are receiving veterinary care after being found emaciated and wallowing in mud on a property in Mackay.

The malnourished dogs had been chained to a fence so tightly they were unable to move and were sleeping in mud. 

A person who reported the incident to the RSPCA commented on social media that the dogs had been kept outside during terrible weather conditions for months. 

RSPCA Queensland spokeswoman Emma Lagoon said the case was under investigation. 

Two dogs stand in mud chained to a fence. Ribcage can be seen through skin.
The suspected neglect of the dogs was reported to RSPCA on May 2. (Supplied: Facebook)

“The dogs were removed from the property … and we called upon the assistance of police and council to get them out.”

There was some difficulty retrieving the dogs because on that particular weekend there was only one inspector acting remotely for all of Queensland, Ms Lagoon said.

RSPCA Queensland employed 25 inspectors to enforce the Queensland Animal Care and Protection Act 2001. 

“If we’re not in that particular region at that time, we call upon police and council to assist us in the situation,” Ms Lagoon said. 

However, the police and council could not act without direction from the RSPCA. 

Videos and photos of the dogs were posted on Facebook and sparked outrage within the community. (Supplied: Facebook)

“We have an inspector that’s on for regional and metro reports every day of the week.”

How to report animal abuse

Last financial year, RSPCA Queensland received more than 17, 000 animal cruelty complaints and neglect calls. 

If you witness animal cruelty, neglect or abandonment, call 1300 ANIMAL. (Supplied: Facebook)

The RSPCA runs a 24-hour hotline to report instances of animal cruelty. 

This can be done by calling 1300 264 625 or filling out an online form on its website


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