Royal Enfield launches range of new riding jackets starting at Rs 4,950

To add to their lineup of road-ready gear, Royal Enfield has launched a new range of riding jackets complete with CE-level protection fabric as well as motorcycle armour.

Royal Enfield’s new range attends to different kinds of riding conditions and the prices start at Rs 4,950, going up to as much as Rs 14,950. The riding collection is segregated to ‘City/Short’ rides, ‘Highway’ touring and a ‘High altitude/All-terrain’ range.

According to Royal Enfield, all the jackets have been tested for abrasion resistance, ergonomics, tear strength, seam strength and dimension stability. In addition to this, the jackets get impact protection from KNOX and D3O armour, two well-known internal impact protection companies. These armours carry CE level one and level two protection.


As for the jackets themselves, the City Riding jacket is as the name suggests developed for use in cities and under sunny conditions. Available in two variants, the jackets mainly use mesh and KNOX level one armour. This range starts from Rs 4,950.


The Highway Touring range consists of three variants. The Explorer gets KNOX Micro-Lock Level two armour and a detachable thermal liner for cold days and a separate rain liner for wet days.

The Stormraider on the other hand gets D3O level one protection and is a single layer jacket. The Sanders gets the same armour but is also the only CE-certified cotton jacket in the range. It also gets a rain liner for the monsoon. Prices start at Rs 8,950. All three jackets were built with touring in mind.


The All-terrain jackets, finally, were built to perform excellently everywhere. Available in two variants, the Rs 12,950 Khardung La V2 gets D3O level two armour at the shoulders and the elbows while the Rs 14,950 Nirvik gets D3O level two on the chest as well as D3O level one back protection.

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Puneet Sood, head of Apparel Business at Royal Enfield said, “Royal Enfield’s apparel & gear business is focused on enhancing the overall motorcycling experience for the riders with a clear focus on rider safety. The newly launched collection of riding jackets seamlessly integrates performance and endurance into products which are comfortable yet stylish for motorcyclists.”

“This new range of CE certified riding jackets complies with global safety norms, is affordable, easily accessible and is designed to meet the diverse needs of riders. It is poised to enhance confidence amongst the riders thereby encouraging them to take their spirit of exploration to a whole new level,” he added.



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