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Dig Deep into the Consumption Demand of Household Beauty Instrument and Attentively Work on a Good Product

New York, NY , March 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The recent years have witnessed various major brands of household beauty instruments implementing all-round reform on their own products, so as to satisfy the increasing quality consumption demand. ROALSCHR, a technological cosmetic brand that emerged in 2020, has innovated and developed a handsfree wearable Flexible Electronic Mask instrument through the application of leading flexible electronic technology in China, which has changed the the traditional form of household beauty instruments and gained favor in the market. At present, half a year after the launch of ROALSCHR Flexible Electronical Mask, the average monthly sales volume in Tmall flagship store has exceeded 3000+.

Dig Deep into the Consumption Demand of Household Beauty Instrument and Attentively Work on a Good Product

During early product research and development stage, ROALSCHR found that domestic consumers already have a high degree of acceptance of household beauty instrument and a general understanding of their operating principles. However, due to serious homogenization for both function and form of household beauty instrument in the market, the general consumption pain points have now come down to the convenience of operatioin and portability of the products. Based on the in-depth study of the practical applicatioin scenario of the household beauty instrument, ROALSCHR has cooperated with the China Academy of Sciences to develop this micro-current electronic facial mask beauty instrument integrating flexible electronic technology, aiming to bring users a faster, more convenient, and safer user experience.

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According to the head of R&D team, ROALSCHR Flexible Electronic Mask is household introduction beauty instrument designed to improve the skin penetration rate of skincare products. It combines the recent internatioinally popular flexible electronic technology and bionic micro-current to achieve flexibility and stretchability, which has completely overturned the iron block image of traditional household beauty instrument. To imporve the practical introduction effect, ROALSCHR also adopted a medical grade silicone rubber and a graphene wire with extremely high conductivity, which enables the mask to be attached to the face at 360 degress, so that the double penetration of skincare products on the whole face can be realized without handheld operation. To a great extent, this has corrected the defects of uneven introduction due to handheld operation during the introduction process of users. At the same time, the use of flexible materials furthur improves the weight and size of household beauty instrument. It is lighter and portable, which provide more possibilities for users’ routine skincare under multiple scenarios.

Market Demand Confims Its Strength, Flexible Electronic Mask Beauty Instrument Received Heated Popularity

It is understood that ROALSCHR Flexible Electronic Mask Beauty Instrument was officially launched in April 2020. Immediately after its launch, the product has been favored by beauty bloggers and popstars. On the We Medial platform, many beauty bloggers and stars voluntarily recommend and speak for ROALSCHR, making ROALSCHR Flexible Electronic Mask Beauty Instrument one of the most eye-catching beauty black-tech products of the year.

Since the launch of ROALSCHR Flexible Electronic Mask Beauty Instrument, it has also made an offline appearance at China International Beauty Expo and Shenzhen Hi-Tech Fair. In both industrial exhibition, ROALSCHR’s concept of “Innovation of the Beauty Instrument Form” has attracted a great number of audiences to stop and consult about this product.

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The overwhelming market demand has demonstrated ROALSCHR’s ability to create good products with consumer insight and technological power. It is also our expectation that, in the competitive and chaotic market environment, ROALSCHR will bring the consumers products with higher quality, better safety and excellent user experience based on consumers’ demands.

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