Right into the VMware Cloud Management and Automation Certification Path

VMware is a leader in providing services and software in such areas as cloud computing and virtualization. VMware’s educational services include a range of training and certification paths that are highly recommended for IT professionals looking for skill validation and career advancement. Their certifications programs are meant to establish your credibility as a professional.

VMware Cloud Management and Automation Certification Path

And for those who’ve got an eye for VMware credentials, you are right on cue. This article concerns itself with VMware’s Cloud Management and Automation. Just like any other certification, it’s best that you understand the certification level first so that you get a preview of the certification path you may want to pursue in the future Visit This Website to Read More

Learn the VMware Certification Levels

The VMware certification track is divided into four different levels. First is the VCA (VMware Certified Associate), which is the initial stage for new architects, executives, and administrators looking for a great foundation of the VMware solutions. Next in line is the VCP (VMware Certified Professional) designed for administrators and engineers. This second level is meant to deepen your skill set in VMware solutions in order to configure, operate, and optimize them. Right after this stage is the VCAP (VMware Certified Advanced Professional), the level by which radical VMware solutions tasks are elaborated, including VCAP Design and VCAP Deployment. This is advanced-level certifications are intended for administrators, engineers, and architects. Lastly, there’s the VCDX (VMware Certified Design Expert) that is solely tailored for expert architects. As the highest tier VMware certification, VCDX focuses on adept responsibilities within the VMware systems and solutions.

One of VMware’s Sought-After Certification tracks

There’s so much to look forward to when it comes to VMware’s certification program. And one of the many VMware topics you might want to consider is their Cloud Management and Automation path. This certification track highlights your finesse in substantial VMware vRealize tasks, which include installation, configuration, and optimization for your cloud solution.

Ideal VMware Cloud Management and Automation Certification Path

Here, we will start from ground zero and confer about a specific VMware certification path you can follow.

Step 1: VCP7-CMA

The VCP7-CMA certification determines your ability to automate core methods within a data center via vRealize Automation. Through your skills, you can successfully simplify the processes and further normalize challenging tasks for the betterment of the organization as a whole. In simpler terms, you stabilize all daily tasks so that it won’t affect the efficiency but rather increase the productivity and value within the business.

Before you can take its corresponding exam, you first need to pass one of its foundational exams, which are either 2V0-620 or 2V0-602. And for the VCP7-CMA certification itself, it offers exam 2V0-731 that requires you to complete all 85 questions within 110 minutes. This proctored exam is formatted into a single and multiple-choice type, with a passing score of 300.

Step 2: VCAP7-CMA Design

Once you get your VCP7-CMA certification, you can now prepare for a more upgraded VMware credential, which is VCAP7-CMA Design. Through this advanced-level credential, you are able to certify your in-depth skills in designing and incorporating various vRealize Automation 7.2 solutions in a much bigger enterprise setting. Its exam 3V0-732 is the way to boost your competence when it comes to topics such as cloud management design concepts and methodologies. To get your own VCAP7-CMA Design credential, complete a series of 60 questions within a period of 135 minutes. These questions are structured into multiple-choice, matching, drag & drop, and hot area. For you to pass, you need to acquire at least 300 out 500. The exam will cost you $450.

Step 3: VCDX7-CMA

Be on top of the game with your VCDX7-CMA certification. As the highest VMware certification level, this surely certifies your expertise in their Cloud Management and Automation. For those who have earned this rather prestigious validation, they have totally exerted much effort in passing its ever-challenging certification path. Unlike most certification tests, VCDX7-CMA is a practical exam by which you need to defend your proficiency in all key aspects of vSphere and vCloud Management and Automation solution to effectively highlight business value via different VMware Cloud Management platforms.

This begins with the completion of your VCP7-CMA certification. Clearing the VCAP7-CMA Design or VCAP-CMA Deploy 2018 is also highly recommended for you to easily earn your VCIX7-CMA badge, which is the second prerequisite. Next step for you is to fully review and comprehend the certification blueprint. Thereafter, you will build and submit your own design application based on the given blueprint and code of conduct. Once you pass the application stage and design review, you will now defend your design in front of three industry-recognized panel lists.

Preparation for your VMware Cloud Management and Automation journey

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All the VMware certifications are considered as industry-recognized credentials. Hence, taking the VMware Cloud Management and Automation Certification Path is no doubt a great choice. Yes, there are a lot of exams to complete and struggles in between, but in the end, all these will be worth it! 

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