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Handle Massive Amounts of Session Traffic 

The FortiGate 60E proved more than capable of handling the kind of traffic generated by a small or even a medium-sized office

In stress testing, it was able to process 25,000 new ­sessions per second and more than half a million ­concurrent TCP sessions with no hint of slowdown, and it’s actually rated to go higher. 

The total maximum throughput is 3 gigabits per second, which is probably more than any small government outpost will need. 

Given the capacity, however, agencies could configure and protect up to 10 virtual domains, which could come in handy if different agencies share space in the same branch office and need protection that’s tightly configured for their specific missions.

For good protection and ease of use, agencies with small facilities will find the Fortinet FortiGate 60E a good fit.

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Reinforcements Are Ready to Assist the FortiGate 60E

The Fortinet FortiGate 60E next-generation security appliance is a powerful defensive tool designed to be dropped into a small or branch office and provide robust protection against a variety of threats — and it does. But it’s also part of a family of appliances designed to work together for even greater security.

I happened to have some Fortinet gear in the lab from previous reviews, including an email and a sandboxing tool. Like the FortiGate 60E, they were built around a common architecture that streamlines throughput and prioritizes quick protective actions.

It’s conceivable that the branch offices of extremely security-minded feds might want a little more protection than the 60E offers; for example, the ability to sandbox files. Thankfully, the common interface makes it easy to add in other Fortinet appliances if needed.

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Using the graphical interface on the FortiGate 60E, it was easy to set up an automatic process that sent certain files over to the sandbox for deeper analysis. And it was similarly simple to send them back once complete, or to program automatic actions on the 60E if any threats were found. 

Realistically, the commonality between Fortinet devices these days means that adding new appliances almost feels no more difficult than adding a software module

Offices that don’t mind losing a little bit of the baseline simplicity of the FortiGate 60E can easily add more protection to their defenses, and then still manage almost everything from a central location.

Fortinet FortiGate 60E

Data Transfer Rate: 3Gbps
Max Concurrent TCP Sessions: 1.3 million
Supported New Sessions: 30,000 per second
Firewall Rules Capacity: 5,000
Max Concurrent SSL VPN Sessions: 100

Dimensions: 6.3×8.5×1.5 inches
Weight: 1.98 pounds 



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