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Lexus builds supremely comfortable, refined cars and the silence of electric power plays to this soothing character very well indeed. The flipside with there being no engine noise is there’s no hiding other sounds, like wind or tyre roar at speed, but a great deal of effort has gone into making the cabin a peaceful place to spend time. This in turn reduces stress levels and helps you keep fresh.

Like the regular UX, though, the poor forward visibility through the slot-like windscreen and huge blind spots created by the upwardly sloping windowline rather destroy any advantage you might feel from sitting in a high-riding SUV style vehicle. The fashion for raised ride height also comes at a cost in terms of ride quality and, like many of its type, the UX300e manages to be both wallowy in the corners and a little ‘brittle’ over poor surfaces at lower speeds. The steering is nice and light, which makes it easy around town. But there are nicer electrified SUVs to drive and it can’t match more performance-oriented rivals like the Polestar 2 for fun at the wheel.

Rear seat space is adequate rather than generous, with limited legroom for the passenger unlucky enough to end up in the middle of the back seat. Small windows also mean it feels rather claustrophobic back there and, while the boot is a fraction larger than a regular UX, it’s not the biggest in its class.


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