Returning home

Returning home after a long day or a trip is one of the most happy-making and comforting feelings in the world. Home is where you feel safe, loved, relaxed. It is your most familiar space-place where you can be yourself, without pretence. Home is where we can truly hang.

At home, you know what to expect, where to find things and how to behave. Unfamiliarity is banished. All you need to focus on is your well-being and happiness. And you don’t even have to feel the ‘guilt’ of being selfish for it – because you’re home!

Coming back from the uncertain outside to the (relatively more) certain inside is reassuring. It is a place where we slip into our chappals, both literally and metaphorically. Returning home is sheer bliss. Which is why home is really where the heart is – where you leave it for safekeeping when you step out again.