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MASSENA — A Massena Central School transportation director who retired in June will continue to stay in that role until the spring because of a lack of candidates to fill the position.

Superintendent Patrick Brady said Allen Rowledge had initially agreed to stay on until they were able to fill position.

“At that time, partly because we didn’t have a civil service list and would have to go out for provisional, the (school) board set a rate to keep our current transportation director on. Even though he’s retired, he gets a rate to stay on in that position until we fill it. We were only looking at doing 72 days, which would take us largely into December,” he told board of education members.

He recommended that Mr. Rowledge continue in that role because of his experience, knowledge of the district students and staff, routing software and COVID-19 safety protocols.

“My recommendation would be that we would go out in the early spring and would advertise for the position,” Mr. Brady said.

Board of education members approved a Memorandum of Agreement with the Massena Building Administrator’s regarding Mr. Rowledge’s temporary continuation in the role. The Massena Building Administrator’s Association represents the transportation director and district administrators.

“The MBAA has requested that we have an agreement that both sides agree that this is temporary… and we will be seeking a candidate to fill the position come spring rather than filling it with a retiree,” he said.

“We received this request from the junior high principal as well as the director of special education. We have not been successful in filling a secondary special ed position at the junior high since there was a resignation before the year started,” Mr. Brady said.

He said all schools are having difficulty finding a person with secondary special education certification.

“After we have not been able to fill that position, but we continue to have students moving in and that need our service, our recommendation is that we fill it with a teacher assistant. The teacher assistant would work under a special education teacher, and hopefully we’ll find somebody that is interested in obtaining their secondary special education certification,” he said.

Mr. Brady said they’ve been successful in having a teacher assistant work under a special education teacher at the high school.

“We’re in the process with that with a tech position in the junior high as well as another special ed position at the high school. So we’re in the mode of kind of growing our own because there are needs,” he said.

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