Retired and looking to work part-time? Here are 6 fields that may be a great fit

Part-time consulting is a great way to leverage your hard-won institutional knowledge and expertise after retirement. Firms may be looking to fill their full-time rank-and-file with lower-paid new college graduates, but there’s a lot to be said for decades of experience. If you’re offering your skill set on a part-time, independent basis, your former employer, or a competitor in the same field, might be quite willing to avail themselves of your services.

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Start by reaching out to former colleagues and co-workers for leads and ideas, AARP suggests. Other sources include industry associations, alumni groups, Rotary Clubs or local small-business associations. Online help can be had at for retirees with at least 25 years’ experience, or for people with MBAs or graduate degrees, according to AARP.


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