Residential airpark flying into Nary – Park Rapids Enterprise

The Hubbard County Board approved the preliminary plat application of Northwoods Aero Village from Greenhead Flight Services, LLC on Tuesday.

It’s located in Farden Township, along County 9, and about three miles northeast of Nary.

Hubbard County Environmental Services Director Eric Buitenwerf said, “It involves property that has historically functioned as what’s been called the Nary Airport.”

“The Nary International Airport?” quipped board chair Ted Van Kempen.

Buitenwerf explained, “The current owner is looking to plat 14 lots around the airport into kind of a residential, private runway, hangar set up, similar to Sky Manor Aero Estates that we have north of town.”

The 14 lots would be spread over 81 acres, with a private access road. The county planning commission granted a variance in March to allow the road, which is a cul-de-sac, to exceed the 1,320-foot maximum length allowed in the county subdivision ordinance.

The commission recommended approval of this preliminary plat on the condition that documentation from the Hubbard County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) is submitted with the final plat application verifying that the access road complies with the Wetland Conservation Act. SWCD administers the Wetland Conservation Act for the county.

County commissioner Char Christenson said she has land that abuts Sky Manor. “It’s a wonderful place to live. We have pilots that fly in from all over the nation that come in on their private planes, and they’re just delighted to have a place to fly to and spend some time with, so I’m highly in favor of this.”

“It’s going to be a nice setting,” commented Van Kempen.

“It’s pretty there, and it brings dollars into the area,” Christenson added.


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