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Silverway provides OTC data for the cryptocurrency market.  Institutional grade reports, monthly OTC market review, and OTC data from more than 50 sources make it a comprehensive OTC market data.

Institutionalization of Private Token Sales Sector

Sergey Gurkin, the CEO, is on a mission to institutionalize the $4 billion private token sales market sector.  They focus on making data transparent, making the cryptocurrency space safe to invest by helping investors make well-informed decisions. 

Silverway traded up by 8.7% versus the USD over the 24 hours.  Silverway is brought from cryptocurrency exchanges.  These tokens cannot be purchased using direct USD.  Bitcoin and Ethereum should be acquired to buy Silverway.  Coinsbit, CoinLim, and BitMart sell them. 

The Silverway projects are Polkadot, Arweave, Solana, Filecoin, Oasis Lab, Blockstack, and Handshake.

Certik, Klaytn, Hedera Hashgraph, Marlin Protocol, Algorand, Perlin, Carry Protocol, MultiVac, and Celer Network also are a part of the network projects.

Cryptocurrency market investors can make informed decisions with this data.  The market research and analytics services provide monthly market summary research, detailed research on top projects, tailored research on specific projects, and OTC/IEO-related analysis.

Silverway serves as a platform for direct transactions.  They send and receive bids.  They get contacts and make direct deals.

The Silverway ecosystem is made up of Exchanges, Brokers, Projects, Investment funds, media/analytics platforms, and other large and retail investors.

The advisory team is made up of Sergey Gurkin, CEO; Anton Bogdanov; Adam Barker, North American Partner; SJ Zhang, Asian Partner; Dmitry Khovratovich, Technical Advisor; Alexander Dobrikov, UI/UX director.

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Reselling Locked Private Tokens

The cryptocurrency market is a dynamic one.  Several investors are not happy about the shady practices, where the intermediaries are redundant.  The secondary market for private round tokens used to be operating in the gray area creating risks and issues for the participants.  The blockchain investment space needs to be simple, streamlined, transparent and organized when it comes to dealing with the secondary market. Silverway was inspired by the realization of the existence of such requirements.

Investors with locked tokens who are looking to resell them to realize their premiums are looking for better ways to cash them out.  They are looking for additional liquidity to diversify their portfolio. Those looking to buy private tokens are looking at direct and secure deals.

Silverway addresses these issues and investor requirements. Professional investors get access to streamlined secondary markets.  Direct transactions are facilitated between reliable buyers and sellers.  Investors make use of comprehensive market data and securely take to deals.

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