Relief/NeuroRx finalize global commercialization deal for RLF-100

Relief Therapeutics (OTCQB:RLFTF) and NeuroRx, Inc. have completed their partnership agreement for the commercialization of RLF-100 (Aviptadil) worldwide.

The two organizations have agreed to share all profits from sales of RLF-100. NeuroRx will lead commercialization in the U.S., Canada, and Israel, while Relief will lead commercialization in Europe and the rest of the world.

Profits will be allocated to Relief and NeuroRx on a 50/50 basis in the U.S., Canada and Israel, 85/15 (in favor of Relief) in Europe, and 80/20 (in favor of Relief) in all other territories.

The two companies have now taken steps to increase manufacturing of the aviptadil drug substance and are in the final stages of contracting with a fill/finish manufacturer, along with a national distribution partner.

By January 2021, Relief and NeuroRx expect to have manufacturing, distribution and logistics capacity in place to deliver sufficient drug quantities to treat 150K patients per month with RLF-100.

Top-line data from the ongoing trial of intravenously-administered RLF-100 are expected before year end. The trial of inhalation-administered RLF-100 is slated to begin enrollment within the coming weeks.

As part of their agreement, Relief and NeuroRx intend to pursue the issuance of trademarks on RLF-100.


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