Relaxation sure is a luxury commodity

In today’s world, it’s difficult to avoid stress. So, one must learn to – in management-speak – manage it. Don’t get stressed, though. There is an entire product range out there that can help you reduce stress, and its variants, anxiety and insomnia. One can choose from special mattresses, pillows and comforters, sleep apps, special eye masks, essential oils and sleep sprays to sleep better. In short, the thriving sleep economy is wide awake to your snoozing needs.

Beijing-based Chinese healer Li Yan has added a new twist to the sector: she has perfected ‘sleeping bowls‘ to help her clients tackle sleeplessness. Li uses the sounds of a gong, Ukrainian water drum, rain stick and hand pans to help her clients snooze. Li calls her work ‘lie flat concerts’ – on a popular meme extolling the virtues of trading the high-pressure life for a more easygoing one. For a 50-minute session, Li charges $25. While one may not appreciate what Li offers to her stressed young clients, it is difficult to disagree with what the healer expressed in a recent interview: in today’s world, relaxation and happiness are luxury goods. We agree.