Regular Problems That Every HR Department Faces

Regular Problems That Every HR Department Faces

When you dedicate your career to working within HR, you know that you’ve taken on a challenge. You know that no two days are the same and you know the level of responsibility that you need to handle on a daily basis is going to be high.

It’s safe to say that working in HR is somewhat of a rollercoaster, even when you think you have everything under control, you can be struck with an employee issue or conflict, a blip with payrolls or a new query that you’ve never received before in your inbox. Thankfully, some workplace scenarios are easier to handle and control – here we’ll explore the regular problems that every HR department faces.

Payroll Problems

Handling payroll for hundreds of employees is no simple task. And when things go wrong it’s usually HR that bears the brunt of disgruntled employees. The most common payroll issue that HR deals with, is having to work with outdated systems that just aren’t fit for purpose – click the link to use payroll software that will meet your business requirements.

If a company’s payroll system is outdated, it’s more likely to have functional problems and make errors. Additionally, dealing with payroll for remote or freelance workers is also a constant HR headache as is preventing a mix-up between sick days and holiday pay!

Employee Retention

As an HR representative, the retention of employees falls into your remit. Protecting employee numbers and keeping the workforce moving and evolving is part of your everyday role. Sadly, you and your team can spend months on budget-busting recruitment drives, finding the right candidates, training them extensively, only to have most of them leave within months.

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As HR, you now need to spend more time figuring out why these employees left, and what you can do to prevent it from happening again. Focusing on employee retention can be expensive and time-consuming but it must be done!

Disciplinary Procedures

All HR reps will be thoroughly familiar with disciplinary procedures. However, if the entire process isn’t documented correctly at every stage, then it can create all kinds of issues further down the line. As a rule, all HR representatives should follow company procedures to the letter.

Health and Safety

Mention health and safety and you’ll probably receive a collective groan from your workforce. However, health and safety and the protection of your employees is a fundamental aspect of HR. Communicating and facilitating health and safety procedures and legislation into the workplace isn’t easy, simply because it’s dull. So, ensuring that occupational health and safety procedures are enforced and followed is somewhat of a constant headache.

And finally, a Lull in Productivity

It’s normal and somewhat expected for businesses to experience a lull in productivity during certain periods of the year. However, when these periods become more frequent, it’s usually when HR steps in to improve productivity. Attempting to determine the cause of productivity problems and identifying these issues means studies of working patterns and figuring out if certain elements of the company’s culture are having a detrimental effect on the workplace. Again, it can be time consuming and expensive!


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